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Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

Friday sermon : Rasululloh SAW is a very good example of empathy.

Friday sermon material

People are often assessed by subjective parameters and see other people with blinders on, so often a misunderstanding and did not act prudently and wisely in menyikap an event. This can happen because of lack of awareness of empathy in understanding the weaknesses, mistakes, shortcomings, ignorance and naivete of others.

Rasululloh SAW itself gives a very good example of empathy.

In one time there are Bedouins suddenly urinating in the mosque. This makes the friends react and provoked emotion. Is he hooked his emotions come and scold the Bedouin? Apparently not!

He let the Bedouins settle his business, then he asked his friend to clean unclean induced the Bedouin.  After cleaning, Rasululloh SAW explaining to friends that Bedouin Arabs did not know about the ban on urinating in the mosque, so it does not need to be addressed with superfluous emotions.

It is precisely this act of SAW Rasululloh avoid 3 losses: First, the Bedouin piqued their needs and secondly, the Bedouin impaired urinary tract smoothness, and the third area extends unclean because of the Bedouin panic when complete urine.

Currently, such an attitude Rasululloh SAW very hard to find, if not practically impossible.  Leaders sometimes even provoke regular people who are not too deep understanding / less knowledgeable. As a result of damage occurred in mana2 just because a trivial problem and there is no desire to empathize.

ALLOH Almighty himself said, "Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and those with him are hard against the unbelievers, but filial their peers," (Al-Fath (48): 29).

That's why so Rasululloh SAW musuh2nya be loved and respected his people. He was so forward affectionate nature, facilitate his people in carrying out religious Shari'a, preferring to be gentle but if necessary can be assertive. He could get angry but more forgiving attitude and can be felt.

Even Rasululloh Muhammad had commanded the Abu Musa and Mu'adh when they want to Yemen to preach, "and do not announce to scare you.
As inheritors of the Prophet, the preachers, preachers, cleric, cleric, even a religious teacher should also provide facilities for Muslims to perform religious orders as well as possible. Surely, they must be equipped with sufficient knowledge in addition to also wisdom in the act. Thus it would appear tolerant attitudes so that there will always be many solutions can reply dijadikann choices when they encounter problems.

  Rasululloh SAW also said: "Be ye be gentle and do not be rude.  Surely not the meek attitude exists in something unless decorate, nor did he escape from anything except a mess. "(Muslim)

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